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Course Selection

Regulations About Course Selection

  • Having passed their Proficiency Exam (for example in June), students who want to start their undergraduate education in the Summer Term, can only enroll in foreign language courses during the Summer School.
  • Students who receive letter grades DC or DD from first or second year courses listed in the Management undergraduate curriculum can repeat these courses (applicable as of Spring 2010-2011). Students can repeat at most six of these courses and they need to be taken within the three semesters following their last enrollment. Only one such course can be repeated per semester with the consent of the student's advisor. For those students who were on leave during the Spring 2010-2011 semester (when the decision was made), Spring 2010-2011 semester will not be counted as one of those three semesters for repeating the course.
  • Students with “repeating” status should take their courses with letter grades F on the first semester these courses are offered. They may repeat their courses with letter grades DC or DD if they wish. Besides these courses, they can take 2 new courses at most. They can not take credits more than their department’s average term credit.
  • During the academic program, at most two Pass/Fail courses may be taken. The credits of these courses are accounted for the total credit. Those courses taken at other universities and transferred to Bogazici University will be excluded from the Pass/Fail rule.
  • For students who start their coursework in Management department as of Fall semester of 2010-2011 academic year or later, two HSS courses need to be taken regardless of student's English proficiency results. The acceptable HSS courses for students that enrolled in 2009-2010 or after are HUM 101, HUM 102, HIST 105, HIST 106, PHIL 101, PHIL 105, PHIL 111 ve PHIL 112. For those who enrolled before 2009-2010, the acceptable HSS courses are HUM 101, HUM 102, HIST 105, HIST 106, PHIL 101, PHIL 105, PHIL 111, PHIL 112, PHIL 131, PHIL 132 and Advanced English for those students who passed the proficiency exam with a C. 
  • During the academic program students have to take the prescribed number of "area elective" courses and "unrestricted elective" courses. However, instead of an "unrestricted elective" course, an "area elective" course can be taken.
  • A student can repeat his/her F,DD or DC graded “unrestricted” or “area elective” course by taking another “unrestricted” or “area elective” course.
  • Students who entered in 2005 or before, can take any course given in the university as an “unrestricted elective” course. However, to register for the courses given in UBYO (MIS, INTT, TOUR) and School of Foreign Languages, consent of the advisor is required and these courses should be chosen among the courses that are not offered by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Students who entered in 2006 or later, can register at most 2 courses from UBYO and/or at most 1 "AE" coded course (but not a 1XX coded course) from School of Foreign Languages as an unrestrictive elective course .
  • To register a course with a “4th year standing” prerequisite status, students should have completed the minimum  number of credits required for graduation minus the minimum number of credits for senior year curriculum (142 or 144 minus 30), which means a total of 112 or 114 credits.
  • Seniors with a GPA higher than or equal to 3.00 may take two courses as “area elective” from AD 5XX coded classes. The consent of the instructor is needed.
  • AD 311 is not a prerequisite for AD 312 any longer.
  • Foreign students should take other HTR and TK coded courses offered for foreign students instead of HTR 311/312 and TK 221/222.
  • For "Area Electives", students are allowed to take courses only with code of "AD".
  • During registration, minimum credits that should be taken is 15.
  • The department’s average term credit can be found by dividing total graduation credit by the total number of semesters (total graduation semester is 8 terms). Regardless of their registered semester (except for first year) or status (e.g., repeating), students can take 8 credits or 2 courses in addition to their standard course load (total graduation credit in the Department of Management is 142 or 144 depending on the HSS elective taken).
  • The following equivalences apply for students who entered the program before Fall 2012:

         AD 150 Introduction to Data Processing    -  AD 102 Introduction to Management

         AD 104 Business Communication             -   AD 204 Business Communication

         AD 202 Business Research Methods         -   AD 302 Research Methods

         AD 341 Introduction to Marketing            -   AD 242 Strategic Marketing Management