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Tezler & Mezunlar

İsim Yıl Konu Pozisyon Danışman
Ülfet Zeynep Ata 2009 The Effect of Customer Relationship Management Adoption on Organizational Performance in Business-to-Business Setting
Havva Pınar İmer 2009 Contextual and Dispositional Antecedents of Organization Citizenship Behaviors: Does Occupation Make a Difference?
Şebnem Kuzulugil 2009 Does One Size Fit All? Value-Based Subcultures and Leadership Preferences in Turkey
Fatih Kiraz 2009 In Search of Chaos: ‘The Case of İstanbul Stock Exchange’
Onur Uman 2009 Factors Affecting the Turkish Accounting Practices During the Republican Era
Vedat Mizrahi 2009 Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey
Deniz Parlak 2009 Corporate Integration, Competitiveness and Financial Performance: Suppliers’ Perspective
Saadet Çetinkaya 2009 Bilateral Governance in Outsourced Services: Interorganizational Dynamics and Consequences
Elif Altuğ 2009 A Study on Turkish Mutual Funds: Value Creation, Performance Persistence and Survivorship Bias of Actively Managed Turkish Equity Mutual Funds and the Supplementary Value of Sell-Side Research to Mutual Fund Management, 2000-2007
Mehmet Selim Uçer 2009 Determinants and Characteristics of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Target Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey