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No Pain No Gain: The Challenges of Conducting Quantitative Research in Organizational Settings

Rıza Ergün Arsal

Rıza Ergün Arsal is a PhD candidate at Boğaziçi University and an Instructor at Bilgi University. He started his doctoral studies at Clemson University where he conducted research projects that employed survey and experimental methodologies using primary data collected from consumers and graduate students. Some of this research have been published at journals such as Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

His current PhD dissertation research examines “the acceptance of open source data science technologies in organizations”. Therefore, unlike his prior experiences, his survey questionnaire involves data collection in organizational settings where multiple challenging issues arise.

In this workshop, first, he will briefly discuss the objective of his doctoral research and survey methodology as well as the methodological challenges he has experienced recently such as dealing with subjects in small populations, translating survey items accurately, and asking sensitive questions to respondents. Then, he will share his survey questionnaire with the workshop participants for an interactive discussion on the topic.





EMBA 102
Aralık 9, 2019 - 13:00