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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Onur Uman 2009 Factors Affecting the Turkish Accounting Practices During the Republican Era
Vedat Mizrahi 2009 Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey
Deniz Parlak 2009 Corporate Integration, Competitiveness and Financial Performance: Suppliers’ Perspective
Elif Altuğ 2009 A Study on Turkish Mutual Funds: Value Creation, Performance Persistence and Survivorship Bias of Actively Managed Turkish Equity Mutual Funds and the Supplementary Value of Sell-Side Research to Mutual Fund Management, 2000-2007
Mehmet Selim Uçer 2009 Determinants and Characteristics of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Target Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey
Cenk Laçin Arıkan 2009 Evaluating the Dynamics of Innovation in Turkey: The Impact of Innovation on Business Performance
İsmail Hakkı Eraslan 2009 The Effects of Competitive Strategies on Firm Performance: A Study in Turkish Textile and Apparel Industry Considering Mediating Role of Value Chain Activities
Ülfet Zeynep Ata 2009 The Effect of Customer Relationship Management Adoption on Organizational Performance in Business-to-Business Setting
Saadet Çetinkaya 2009 Bilateral Governance in Outsourced Services: Interorganizational Dynamics and Consequences
Havva Pınar İmer 2009 Contextual and Dispositional Antecedents of Organization Citizenship Behaviors: Does Occupation Make a Difference?