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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Ali Tükel 2006 Foreign investors' role in a stock market boom and bust cycle: Turkey's experience in 1999-2001
Gurur Altun 2006 The causes and predictors of the 2001 Turkish crisis
Uğur Gökhan Özdinç 2006 The antecedents and consequences of relationship quality in financial services
Çetin Ali Dönmez 2006 Time series analysis of IMKB-30 equity market index returns and the effect of volume and volatility on returns
Dilek Yılmaz Börekçi 2007 Influence of information and communication technologies (ICT) on leader-follower relations, leader behavior and follower's positive work attitudes
Süleyman Gökhan Günay 2007 The impact of managers' and/or directors' perceptions of corporate governance on the financial performances of the industrial firms in Turkey: comparison of the stockholder and the stakeholder governance models
Elif Çiçekli 2008 Opportunity at work: Antecedents and consequences
Refik Cem Taluğ 2008 M&As and performance: A multi-method study on dynamics of success in post integration stage
Ayla Altınkurt 2008 Evaluating the dynamics of strategic alliances in Turkey: The impact of firm and relationship specific factors on alliance performance
Mısra Çağla Gül 2008 Cultural orientations, environmental dimensions, and firm performance