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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Neva Hatiboğlu Yalman 2003 Moderators of the relationship between market orientation and business performance: Findings from Turkey
Maria Dolares Alvarez Basterra 2003 Online and offline information sources in choosing leisure travel: A study of Turkish travelers
Ceylan Onay 2004 Contribution of Turkish stock market to global portfolios
Serdar Karabatı 2004 The Influence of individual values on managerial practices: Implications for the Turkish Business context
İpek Altınbaşak Ebrem 2004 Modeling the constituents of the image of a country for the determination of priorities related to strategic image management: the case of Turkey
Hakan Aksoy 2004 Modelling stock market via fuzzy rule based systems
Harun Kaya 2004 Internationalization of Turkish manufacturing firms: Foreign direct investment outflow
Mehmet Saraç 2004 Effects of public ownership on corporate performance: Empirical evidence from Turkish manufacturing industry
Aslıhan Nasır 2004 Development of a framework on ethical issues based on complaint data about electronic commerce
Mehmet Erçek 2004 The diffusion and institutionalization of professional personnel/human resources management discourse in Turkey: a narrative approach