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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Hande Bahar Kımıloğlu Türker 2001 The Internet as a Marketing Environment: Consumer Perceptions, Attitudes and Behavior Bogazici University MIS Assist. Prof. Eser Borak
Alövsat Müslümov 2001 The Financial Analysis of Mergers Doğuş University Economy & Finance Prof. Özer Ertuna
Kazım Develioğlu 2002 The impact of organizational structure and culture on performance: A comparative study on domestic and JV affiliates of Turkish holding firms
Begümhan Özdinçer 2002 An analysis of the value financial information for internet companies
Abdülmecit Karataş 2002 Performance of Direct Foreign Investments in Turkey Bogazici University INTT Assist. Prof. Özer Ertuna
Rüştü Alptekin Sabuncuoğlu 2002 Analysis and prediction of bank failures in Turkey "a multivariate logistic approach"
Selim Sidi 2002 A survey of empirical tests of the APT and an application on Turkish data
Kıvanç V.O. İnelmen 2002 Trust in buyer-supplier relationships: A small and medium sized enterprises perspective
Hatice Gaye Gençer 2002 Ownership structure and performance: a comparison between firms owned by profit oriented groups and firms owned by mission oriented social security foundations
Melih Bulu 2003 Profiling micro clusters: identification of value-adding production and service chains by using graph theoretical approach