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Özlem Hesapçı Karaca

Bocconi University
Teaching Areas: 

Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Research Methods, Marketing Research

Research Areas: 

Effects of Emotions in Consumer Behavior, Consumer Self-Perceptions, Cultural and Individual Differences in Consumer Decision-Making

Selected Publications: 
Merdin-Uygur, E., Sarial-Abi, G., Gurhan-Canli, Z., & Hesapci, O. (2019). How Does Self-Concept Clarity Influence Happiness in Experiential Settings? The Role of Strangers versus Friends. Self and Identity, 14(3), 443-467.
Soscia, I., Prayag, G., & Hesapci, O. (2019). Advertising guilt-laden vacations: The cross-cultural efficacy of a guilt decreasing appeal. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 39, 57-64.
Yelseli, E., Karaca, H. S., & Hesapci-Karaca, O. (2018). The Sharing Economy in Turkey: A Marketing Perspective. In Ozturkcan, S. and Yolbulan Okan, E., Marketing Management in Turkey (pp. 51-74). London, UK: Emerald.
Merdin-Uygur E., Hesapçı Ö. (2018). Alone but together, autonomous but related: Self-construal effects on happiness in social experiences. Journal of Consumer Behavior, 17(3), 313-325. doi: 10.1002/cb.1713
Hesapcı, O., Merdin, E. & Gorgulu V. (2016). Your Ethnic Model Speaks to the Culturally Connected: Differential Effects of Model Ethnicity in Advertisements and the Role of Cultural Self-Construal. Journal of Consumer Behavior, 15(2), 175-185. doi: 10.1002/cb.1562
Aslanbay, Y. & Hesapci-Sanaktekin, O. (2014). Advertising Education in Turkey. In Richards J. and Ross B. , Advertising Education in the World, American Academy of Advertising (pp. 342-361).
Hesapci-Sanaktekin, O. & Somer, İ. (2013). Mobile Communication: A Study on Smart Phone and Mobile Application Use. In Lee, I. , Strategy, Adoptation and Competitive Advantage of Mobile Services (pp. 217-233). : IGI Global.
Ursavaş, B. and Hesapçı-Sanaktekin, Ö. (2013). What Happens When You’re Lost between Happiness and Sadness? Effects on Memory and Temporal Perception. Journal of Business Research, 66(7), 933-940. doi: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2011.12.013
Hesapçı, Ö., Aslanbay, Y. and Görgülü V. (2013). Effects of religiosity on Internet consumption. Information, Communication and Society, 16(10), 1553-1573. doi: 10.1080/1369118X.2012.722663
Aslanbay, Y., Hesapçı, Ö., and Ağırdır, B. (2011). Lifestyles of Muslim Consumers in Turkey. In Sandıkçı, Ö. and Rice, G., Handbook of Islamic Marketing (pp. 129-146). UK: Edward Elgar.