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Hayat Kabasakal

University of Minnesota
Teaching Areas: 

Management and Organizational Behaviour

Research Areas: 

Organizational Behavior, Gender, Leadership, Disaster Management and Culture

Selected Publications: 
Kabasakal, H. and Dastmalchian (2001). Introduction to the special issue on leadership and culture in the Middle East. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 50(4), 479-488.
Brodbeck, F., Frese, M., Kabasakal, H. E., et al. (2000). Cultural variation of leadership prototypes across 22 European countries. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 73, 1-29.
House, R. J., Hanges, P. J., Ruiz-Quintanille, S. A., Dorfman, P. W., Javidan, M., Dickson, M. W., Gupta, V., Kabasakal, H., et al. (1999). Cultural influences on leadership and organizations: Project GLOBE. In W. H. Mobley, M. J. Gessner., & V. Arnold (Eds.), Advances in Global Leadership (pp. 171-233). Stamford, CN: JAI Press.
Agee, M. L. and Kabasakal, H. (1993). Exploring conflict resolution styles: A study of Turkish and American university business students. International Journal of Social Economics, 20(9), 3-14.
Üsdiken, B., Sözen, Z., and Enbiyaoğlu (Kabasakal), H. (1988). Strategies and boundaries: Subcontracting in construction. Strategic Management Journal, 9, 633-637.