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Ayşegül Toker

Middle East Technical University
Teaching Areas: 

Social Media Marketing, Management Information Systems, E-Business Models, Customer Relationship Management, Database Marketing and Data-Mining Applications

Research Areas: 

Social Networks and Media, E-services and Mobile Applications, E-commerce and E-business, Customer Relationship Management, Information and Technology-Based Marketing, Data-mining Applications, Customer Knowledge Management and Customer-focused Strategies, TQM and Business Excellence

Selected Publications: 
Seraj, M. and Toker, A. (2013). Social Media Marketing Trends in Turkey: A Profile Analysis of Turkish Corporations. 35th Marketing Science Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, N/A, N/A.
Toker, A. and Seraj, M. (2012). Social Media Adoption in Turkey: The Changing Role of Consumers. ISMD 12th Biennal Conference, Casablanca, Morocco., N/A, N/A.
Yavuz, R. and Toker, A. (2012). Public Displays of Location. Marcon 2012- 2nd International Marketing Conference, Calcutta, India, N/A, N/A.
Ata, Z. and Toker, A. (2012). The Effect of Customer Relationship Management Adoption in Business-to-Business Markets. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing , 27(6), 497-507. doi: 10.1108/08858621211251497
Varnali, K., Yilmaz, C. and Toker, A. (2012). Predictors of Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes in Mobile Advertising: A Field Experiment. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 11(6), 570-581. doi: 10.1016/j.elerap.2012.08.002
Koch S., Toker, A. and Brulez, P. (2011). Extending the Technology Acceptance Model with Perceived Community Characteristics. Information Research, 16(2), N/A.
Toker, A., Varnali, K. and Yilmaz, C. (2011). Mobile Marketing at Turkcell, Turkey’s Leading Mobile Operator. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, N/A, 1-9. doi: 10.1108/20450621111122309
Varnalı K, Toker A, Yılmaz C. (2011). Mobile Marketing: Fundamentals and Strategy​​​​​. NY, USA: McGrawHill.